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COMA-02 :: Quiet, Please on sale now…

Coma Architects & Ithaca Trio are proud to announce the release of COMA-02:

Quiet, Please - music from a silent place of study (19:25)

‘Quiet, Please’ is an 80mm CDr release, documenting the degeneration of society’s sonic landscape through location recordings, tape-loops and double bass.

Head over to the Coma Architects page to read more and order…

Doodle #4 | Sound-Map: Library Whispers

quiet bird

Whispering by Sound Map

A lo-fi recording of some whispering in the library.

At first it was somewhat irritating having these flurries of soft voices chattering behind me; but once I focused in on the sound I heard an almost bird-like conversation of short sung rhythms and melodies of whispering.¬†I have no idea who they are or what they’re talking about but I love the frenetic transient points of words being pronounced. I guess its a mix of emotions in the voice and the inflection of accents/pronunciation¬†at lower volumes.

I only wish I’d been able to record a little clearer at the time.