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New Project

Been ticking the idea over of a new solo-project for a while now. Ithaca is something of an unwieldly beast when it comes to live performance, so I’ve been throwing around this idea of stripping things right down… only to re-build them much, much more complicated.

So the premise is this: electronics done very live. No safety nets. Taking ideas from free-improv, live-coding, and hardware-hacking.

Here’s a short recording from the first rehearsal earlier today. Live-coding in SuperCollider3; and live-splicing of loops on the Akai reel-to-reel:

Rehearsal #1 (.mp3 | 11.5 MB @ 320kbps)

[Admission: this is only a short edit, so the SynthDefs & Patterns were already defined in SC3, and the loop had been cut]

The idea for doing this live would be to start blank: empty tape & empty code.

Hangover update: it’s 2012

Today I remembered I have a blog. So, some news:

Coma Architects
‘Grow Flowers’ COMA-04 is now sold out. Thanks to everyone who bought it, had a lot of fun putting that one together so it’s really nice to know its now out in the wild.
There are still a couple of copies of ‘Quiet, Please’ kicking about the lab, but if you don’t have a copy yet don’t jump to order just yet because…
COMA-05 is on the way!more news once the artwork is together, but for now settle safe in the knowledge that it’s a soundscape I’m particularly proud of, and I’ve once again collaborated with the amazing Sam Little on design and print duties. Needless to say this will be something special!

I was ill; played in London
Had the honour of playing the Hibernate x Home Normal Christmas village bonanza thing back in December. I was sick as a dog but eminent philosopher and sometimes housemate, James Lavender pulled me through and we had a LOT of fun playing to a room full of hip southerners (including *some* females, which for a drone festival is a bit disorientating). Big thanks to those who endured us while they waited for Machinefabriek to play.
Props to Gianmarco Del Re for filming everyone and doing unnerving close ups on James and I:

Ithaca Trio from Gianmarco Del Re on Vimeo.

Live at the Dalston Vic – excerpt – 18 December 2011 -presented by Home Normal / Hibernate

Doing some new things:
Not really at the stage where it’s worth talking about any of them yet, but keep yer lids peeled here and on the Coma Architects site for more news soon. Some new projects, collaborations, projects, etc.

Also, if you’re Leeds based I keep getting roped into playing Jazz records at Nation of Shopkeepers on Cookridge street on a Sunday. It’s a great atmosphere, I essentially just drink and play records until I start playing afro-beat and fall over. If you’re in town come join!

COMA-02 :: Quiet, Please on sale now…

Coma Architects & Ithaca Trio are proud to announce the release of COMA-02:

Quiet, Please - music from a silent place of study (19:25)

‘Quiet, Please’ is an 80mm CDr release, documenting the degeneration of society’s sonic landscape through location recordings, tape-loops and double bass.

Head over to the Coma Architects page to read more and order…