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Doodle #4 | Sound-Map: Library Whispers

quiet bird

Whispering by Sound Map

A lo-fi recording of some whispering in the library.

At first it was somewhat irritating having these flurries of soft voices chattering behind me; but once I focused in on the sound I heard an almost bird-like conversation of short sung rhythms and melodies of whispering. I have no idea who they are or what they’re talking about but I love the frenetic transient points of words being pronounced. I guess its a mix of emotions in the voice and the inflection of accents/pronunciation at lower volumes.

I only wish I’d been able to record a little clearer at the time.

Sound Map: The other, other windy city…

Today the wind in Leeds was extreme. Here is a short recording taken from the cafe after hours.  The microphones were sheltered away from the wind behind a glass door, but the sounds from outside are still pretty clear (though there is little bass). Enjoy the drinks can rattling around outside, and me packing up some paper bags…

110204-Cafe Wind by Sound Map

Hydrophones: First test-run

After countless damaged transducers; dodgy soldering; and on more than one occasion - fusing my fingers together with epoxy-resin: my hydrophones are working.

Hydrophone test

This morning I ran a few tests in the sink before heading down to the small stream in Kirkstall.  Whilst there are a few small problems still to troubleshoot (forgetting to weight the caps being one), the results are quite nice.  Here are some rough samples.

110122-Mid stream chirp by Sound Map

110122-Very High by Sound Map