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New Project

Been ticking the idea over of a new solo-project for a while now. Ithaca is something of an unwieldly beast when it comes to live performance, so I’ve been throwing around this idea of stripping things right down… only to re-build them much, much more complicated.

So the premise is this: electronics done very live. No safety nets. Taking ideas from free-improv, live-coding, and hardware-hacking.

Here’s a short recording from the first rehearsal earlier today. Live-coding in SuperCollider3; and live-splicing of loops on the Akai reel-to-reel:

Rehearsal #1 (.mp3 | 11.5 MB @ 320kbps)

[Admission: this is only a short edit, so the SynthDefs & Patterns were already defined in SC3, and the loop had been cut]

The idea for doing this live would be to start blank: empty tape & empty code.

Grow Flowers (COMA-04)

presenting COMA-04:


a 3″ CDr by Ithaca Trio

GROW FLOWERS is a two-track EP, recorded live on November 29th, 2011. Featuring soundscape recordings; Derek Bailey inspired guitars; frequency-domain processing; AM Radio; and microtonal sine-waves.

Strictly limited to an edition of 45 (one per customer), each copy comes in a handmade yellow card fold. The blood-flowers artwork is wax-dripped and drawn by hand, ensuring each EP is unique and personal.



1. Flowers (08:03)

2. Grow (11:37)



£4.50 [UK +£1; EU +£1.50; WRLD +£2]

COMA-04 is available to pre-order now from the shop or by emailing me (ollie[dot]thurley[at]gmail[dot]com), with copies shipping out early next week (I’m in Amsterdam until 12/12/11). For those coming to the Hibernate/Home Normal show in Dalston (18/12/11), save yourself on postage – I will hold back some copies for the show so you can buy them there.

If you would like a download link, send me a message after you order and I’ll send one your way.



End of October: Update: JUMBO; COMA; MMus; I3; CODE

Very often, I forget I have this site. I do something which I should really post about, but I don’t and then nobody knows about it, then I forget about it.


Last week was Jumbo Records‘ 40th birthday. Jumbo are without a doubt the greatest records store I’ve ever set foot in, so I felt privileged to get asked to help them celebrate. Props to Adam & Matt!
To mark the occasion, Coma Architects made a soundscape recording of the shop on it’s 39th year, 364th day… pressed it to CDr, recruited the amazing designer Sam Little (aka Slitt) to screen print us a bunch of ‘worn record stacks’ covers, and delivered them to the shop on the big day. Really proud of the art/prints on this one. Sam’s done an amazing job of wearing everything to look like gnarled minimalist records. The paint-flecks on everything are some real legit DIY shit!

There’s 10 copies left, they’re £4 (+ whatever P&P is). If you’d like one, drop us a line. First come, first served.


Got the initial marks from my masters back yesterday, absolutely blown away. Passed with distinction, so needless to say – I’m currently being a gloating bastard.


Well, the creative pact kind of dropped off didn’t it? Turns out working minimum wage jobs for marathon length shifts kinda saps the creativity out of you… who knew. Still stamina building, I’m going to get back on the coding this week – currently battling for efficient ways of controlling multiple Servo motors via serial communication between Arduino & Processing. #DelimitingFail


Got a few more Ithaca releases lined up on Coma Architects over the next few months with more art by Slitt. Also hoping to get a release out by a good friend of mine that’s gonna blow socks off.

Also got some Ithaca plans for Tokyo Droning & Hibernate records at some point. And a gig before 2012…

COMA-02 :: Quiet, Please on sale now…

Coma Architects & Ithaca Trio are proud to announce the release of COMA-02:

Quiet, Please - music from a silent place of study (19:25)

‘Quiet, Please’ is an 80mm CDr release, documenting the degeneration of society’s sonic landscape through location recordings, tape-loops and double bass.

Head over to the Coma Architects page to read more and order…

Coma Architects :: Quiet, Please [COMA-02 - Assembly]

Today, I strayed from the ‘coding’ element of my #CreativePact and began to put together the packaging for COMA-02: ‘Quiet, Please’. I’ll write about the release itself at some point this week, but for now here are a few photos of the assembly line, and my gradual decline into paper-cut wreck:

It took me all afternoon, several paper-cuts, an identity crisis, and I lost the ability to write legibly, but we got there. To be release in an edition of 75. Pre-orders by the end of the week.

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