Vermilion Sands : Score


The score for Vermilion Sands is now online here (.pdf, 13.5mb).

for flute, violin, violoncello and percussion.

Inspired by Ballardian landscapes, the score’s parametric control values were parsed from ‘dystopian’ terrains, generated from Perlin noise textures (title image).

Music for Piano & Patience

As many of you know, the inimitable Home Normal have released a little album of mine from the early Ithaca Trio vaults. Recorded in early 2009, this is radically different from last year’s New Music from the Delta Quadrant on Hibernate.

Solo piano and tape loops, this is some real lo-fi, dreamy-ass, floaty-ass shit. Oh, and it looks amazing. Damn right, you’ll love it:

IMG_0367 IMG_0368 IMG_0373

You can listen here:

I’ve got a few copies going, £8 + p&p. Email me if you’d like a copy and we’ll work it out over paypal. ollie [dot] thurley [at] googlemail [dot] com or buy via my discogs profile.

New score: detail images

Just finishing up a new piece (currently unnamed). First attempt at scoring by hand, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. Even if it has taken me forever. Thought I’d share some detail images:






Once the performance notes are written I’ll upload a proper scan.

Tide (extract)


A recording of 10 pages of the score to my new piece, Tide.

Scott Mc Laughlin: Acoustic Guitar, Vibraphone, Timpani, Bass Drum
Alannah Halay: Piano, Triangle, Cymbal, Floor Tom
Oliver Thurley: Glockenspiel, Double Bass, Tamtam, Tubular Bells
Alex De Little: Zither, Trombone, Triangle, Bass Drum
James Lavender: Electric Guitar, Zither, Cymbal, Timpano
Phill Harding: Sine Waves

Recorded in Leeds: 26th November, 2013